NetBackup is a powerful backup product with a wealth of features leaving the end user with several choices for doing a customized implementation. Many day‐to‐day operations are fairly simple, but to unleash the true power of NetBackup and to minimize later operational problems, we recommend to engage with skilled NetBackup consultants.

In DV Consulting we have been delivering consultancy services to support the value of customers Veritas SW implementation since 2003.

We have experienced, trained and top skilled consultants, who are operating in Veritas NetBackup and Enterprise Vault.

Our service covers: Design, Technical Assistance, Troubleshooting, Healthcheck and setup of new installations and environments where skilled expertise are required.

Besides NetBackup we have great knowledge on many infrastructure components, operating systems, virtualization technologies and applications. In our point of view, this is absolutely necessary to deliver a backup solution that suits individual customer needs.

Managed Service for customer who wants to outsource parts of their backup or archiving management can be offered, and to this a SaaS solution for the NetBackup software can be included.

Our consultants have been working with NetBackup for more than 20 years, and are constantly involved in many different sizes and types of NetBackup environments including all types of backup agents.